Friday, July 6, 2012

Unicorn Run

BEEP, BEEP my dreaded alarm clock is going off in my ear, and would so rather sleep in then run.. Yet, I make myself get up and I head to my kitchen to mix up my N.O.-XPLODE pre-training igniter to helps get my energy level up (and man did I need it today).. Then, I searched through my drawer to find that I have no clean running shorts (dang you laundry fairy).. Man, I this is not going to be a good running day I'm thinking in the back of my head.. Now, I'm dressed, stretched and out the door.. Well to much of my surprise today's run was amazing, my breathing was right on, legs were feeling good, and my inner runner wasn't hassling me to stop and walk (she can be a pain to tune out some days).. I'm not sure if my run keeper had a glitch or I just ran a unicorn run.. You know one of those magical runs that feels to good to be true and rarely ever happen.. Well, I'm sure it was a glitch but heck when life throws you a bone you take it right (wink, wink)..What a great way to start my Friday and I am looking forward to running with all my runHers friends tomorrow..

My Run:
 4.15 miles in 25:39

Happy Running
Amanda :0)


  1. You are just awesome. Just sayin

  2. So awesome you created this blog Amanda. I'm actually preparing myself for a 5k in October. Looking forward to hearing more about your runs.