Monday, January 28, 2013

OKC Memorial 1/2 Marathon Training Week 3

Well, I tried to get this posted yesterday, but it didn't happen.. My 5 yr old has taken over my computer and it's hard to get on it when his home.. Well, my training week started off a little rocky but ended up being pretty great.. So, here's how it went.........

Monday- Skipped my scheduled 4 mile run  (Yes, I skipped it :0/ .. I wasn't feeling well and decided not to push it .. Sometimes, you need to just listen to your body and not push it.. I did make some yummy No-Bake Energy Bites, and they are so yummy if you have a sweet tooth..) Here's a pic....

{The recipe is at the bottom of this post}

Tuesday- 4.06 miles in 37:26 (This was a great run for me but had to plug in (ran w/ music & runmeter).. The weather was perfect and it felt great getting the pavement under my feet after feeling blah for 2 days)

Wednesday- Rest Day (Now, I'm kicking myself in the butt for not doing cross training this day, but I did have a great date night with my hubby)

Thursday- 5:08 mile in 51:20 (I have some great running friends that I ran w/ on this day (thank goodness).. I really didn't want to run this day, but having my friends there to motivate me to get it done helped a lot.. It was a nice and easy run..)

Friday- Rest Day ( Boy, I was really lazy this week and didn't do any cross training.. I better step it up week 4..)

Saturday- 5.03 miles in 55:25 (Ran with my RunHers group.. I always look forward to running with this group every week.. We got to meet at Syrup. again, YIPPEEE!! It's so awesome to have a warm place to meet at before and have some yummy food (and coffee) after..) Here's a few pics..

 My fun Saturday running socks!!
Don't you just love polka dots?!? (snagged these at Target for $2.50)
Okay, my post run meal was Crunchy French Toast and Coffee(of course)!! 
This was so yummy (wiping the drool off my chin,lol)..

Sunday- 8.05 miles in 1:23 ( I had originally planed on running 3 miles this day.. So, I met up with my running friends again, Tried out a new route, and ended up doing 8 miles (Yes, 8!!).. The first 4 were a little tough (It was pretty windy.. I just kept telling myself it was good resistance training), but after I got past 4 miles I found my groove..)

No-Bake Energy Bites

* 1cup (dry) Oatmeal (old-fashioned oats)
*2/3 cup Coconut Flakes (toasted optional)
*1/2 cup Peanut Butter
*1/2 cup ground Flaxseed / Wheat Germ (I used 1 tbls whole Flaxseed)
*1/2 cup Chocolate Chips
*1/3 cup Honey
*1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Stir all ingredients in a medium bowl until thoroughly mixed.. Let chill in the refrigerator for half an hour.. Once Chilled, roll into balls of whatever size you prefer.. (Mine are about 1") Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week..

{Optional mix ins: dried fruit, nuts, ect)

Do you run with friends or a running group?
Have you tried a new recipe this last week?

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little Late... Week 2 Training Wrap Up

Well, I know I am running a little behind on posting (last week was super busy) and I am going to try my best to catch up...  So, lets just jump right into how week 2 went for me..

Monday- 4.05 miles in 39:53 {hills}(This run was cold, wind, and hills kicked my butt.. But I will take a bad run over no run any day.. I also went to a Painting Class with my RunHers group.. OMG, this class was so much fun because I got to mix to of my passions crafting and running.)
Here's my work of art..

Oh, the class was at a restaurant and the waiter convinced my to try fish tacos.. They were super yummy!!! Why have I not tried this fabulous food (oh ya, I don't like fish, lol)?!?

Tuesday- Rest Day(Yes, I was a slacker this day.. It happens, lol)

Wednesday- 3.06 miles in 29:39 (1 mile of Fartleks/ Speedwork.. Oh my, this was my first time doing fartleks and they were very tough.. I thought at one point I my die or trip and fall on my face from pure exhaustion, lol.. I was very proud after I did them and I had some great running friends to encourage me to keep going..)

Thursday- 3.04 miles in 28:29 & 1 mile completely unplugged {no music/no runmeter}
(This was a tough run for me.. I had a lot of aches and pains and a bit of negative talking to myself.. Yet, I didn't let all that stop me from getting my miles in)

Friday- Ab Ripper X Workout (15min.) & Our January RunHers Meeting ( Our RunHers  meeting was fun and informational.. Couch Sara ( who's fabulous by the way) came and answered all our training questions.. I also wanted to share these  really cute running note cards w/encouraging sentiments to giveaway I made for  a door prize at our meeting.. I really wanted to keep them for myself after I finished them, because they really turned out cute, lol.) 
Here they are...

Saturday- 5.24 miles in 51:36 {Hills} (Ran with my RunHers group..It's always nice to have an encouraging group of ladies to run with you.. I am so excited that I was able to run the full 5 miles completely unplugged, YIPPPEE!!)

Sunday- REST DAY!!! 

So, Goodbye Week 2 and Hello Week 3!!
I'll be back to share my Week 2 w/ you but until then I would love to hear from you..

Do you negative talk to yourself?
Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 1 Wrap Up

Well, I had a super busy weekend and my week is off to a busy start too.. While, I ended my 1st training week strong I think.. I really been working on running Un-Plugged (no music).. This is really hard for me music is  my inspiration to keep running, but I have a 5 mile race coming up that doesn't allow head phones (lightly sobbing).. So, I have to condition myself for this and I'm sure it's will be better for me in the long run too(darn it).. Okay, here's how I finished my 1st week:

*30min Yoga Workout
*4.04 miles in 40:49 (I was trying a new route and there was a lot of evening traffic but had a good run)

*4.06 miles in 41:53 (Ran with my RunHers group.. We found a new post run hangout and I just love it!! Here's few pics:

 Okay, I just had to share my fun Saturday running socks..Oh, how I love fun socks!!
( Plus, I think they distract people from noticing what a hot mess I am when I run, lol)

Our new hangout is called "Syrup.".

This stuffed frittata was amazing and look at the cute little jelly jar you get w/your toast!! 
Okay, I'm drooling just a bit looking at this picture, lol..

Then, I saved the best pic for last!! My Coffee!!!! I totally run for coffee, lol.. If you look closely in the foam you can make out a tree (which is the symbol  for the OKC Memorial  Marathon).. Awesome right!?! I'm taking it as a sign the that this is going to be a great marathon training :0)

1 hr 30 min Yoga Workout
(I was suppose to rest on Sunday but I've been a putting off my cross training this week.. So, I got up early and told myself lets do this..)

  So, Goodbye Week 1 and Hello Week 2!! 
I'll be back to share my Week 2 w/ you but until then I would love to hear from you..

What do you run for??
What do you like to do for cross training??

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 1/2 Marathon Training Has Begun!!

Okay, this is a little off topic but had to share!! I love running and especially when complete strangers start talking to me about running....Honestly, I have never been a social butterfly more like a social hermit (no really) and since I have started running I have started coming out of my shell more (okay a lot for me).. I actually had a lady approach me at my son's school today asking if I was going for a run and when I replied "Yes, I am" she praised my for running.. She also told me that she had mentioned to her friend before that I was a "Real Runner" (which I don't think I'm actually a "Real Runner" just yet, but it was nice to be called one) and she told me she was wanting to start running.. How awesome is that!?! I love how running has made such a positive influence in my life and instances like today just reminds me of that..  

Alright I'll get to why I'm blogging today, now.. I have signed up for the OKC Memorial  Marathon (well 1/2 marathon to be exact), and this week I have officially started my 16 week training plan..I'm using the RunHers training plan found HERE.. With this being my 2 second 1/2 marathon I can look back and see where I need to improve in my training.. So, here they are..

Things I need to improve:
*speed work (when I figure out how to do it, lol.. Told you I'm still new to running & I'm still learning things)
*Cross Training
*Cross Training
*and did I mention Cross Training(LOL, I thought if I wrote it 3 time it would help me to remember to do it)

Okay, this is how my training has gone to far this week:

Monday- 3.05 miles in 29:37 (this was a tough run but still kept my time under 30 min..)
Tuesday- Rested (should have cross trained but did't.. Kicking myself in the butt)
Wednesday-3.36 miles in 37:47 (this was rainy and cold run but glad I didn't let the rain discourage me)
Thursday- Rested (should have cross trained but did't.. Kicking myself in the butt yet again)
Today (Friday)- Training commencing (details coming soon)

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Recap

Okay, I know I'm posting this on the 5th of January, but Happy New Years anyways, lol... So, I'm sorry I have been MIA here for several months , but I am going to try my very best to make more frequent posts this year (fingers crossed)... Well, in light of the new year it has me looking back at all my running accomplishments from 2012.

 My Running Recap of 2012

1) I ended the year running a grand total of 272 miles
2) I joining an amazing and very supportive running group called RunHers 
3) I completed (5) 5Ks (plus, I also completed my first 5k w/out stopping , go me!! It's the little things that count, right?!?)
4) I completed my very first 1/2 marathon (in 2:15 yippee!!)

All and all I have a pretty good running year.. Well, for 2013 I decided that I wanted to start the year off running.. So, I ran in a 5K (Blastoff 5K) on New Years Day with my hubby and some of my awesome running friends. 

Race Results:
Yes, I took a pic of computer. I had to document that I reached my best 5K PR in this race, Woo Hoo!!
I even got a new piece of runner's bling!! (What girl doesn't love new bling right?!?)

Well, I can't wait to see what awesome running adventures the New Year has in store for me and I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures with all of you!!

Here are a few of my goals for 2013..

1) Run in my second 1/2 marathon & maybe hit a new PR (OKC Memorial Marathon April )
2) Conquer some of the 5k's I fell short on in 2012
3) Try some new races
4) work on doing more cross training  and speed work
5)Try running unplugged more (no music and no runmeter)
6)Hit at least 500 miles by the end of the year

I would love to here from you..
Did you have any big accomplishments in 2012??
What is at least one of your goals for 2013??

Happy Running My Friends,

Amanda :0)