Monday, July 9, 2012

Take the Bad with the Good

I set out this morning a little sluggish.. My alarm went off and I was wanting to yell "just 5 more minutes, MOM" like I use to when I was a kid.. Oh dang it, I'm an adult now and I have to make my own lazy butt get out of bed (dang the luck)..  So, once I got out of bed and drank my N.O.-XPLODE pre-training igniter I finally started to wake up.. Once, I was dressed, stretched, and out the door my run didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked (I Hate When This Happens!!).. My first mile was a little rough, I couldn't get my breathing or pace right.. So, in mile 2 I slowed things down and things started to go a little more smoothly.. Then my dreaded 3 mile showed it's ugly face and  had to terrorize me for 11 minutes and 5 seconds ( let me tell you it felt like I was never going to hit my 3rd mile and I wanted to stop so many times).. Finally, mile 3 was behind me and I was feeling pretty good for half a mile.. Then, my funk came back and I let my self have the best of me :0/.. Oh while, you can't win them all and the bad run days make the good ones feel even better.. I'm just glad I push my self for those 3 1/2 miles ( deep down, I wish it could have been 4 good miles).. I did manage to squeeze in a little workout time in and it made me feel a little better after having my bad run..

My Run:
3.63 mile in 39:01

My workout:
20 Squats
10 Jump Squats
15 Squats
10 Jump Squats
10 Squats
10 Jump Squats

20 Push Ups
10 Supermans
15 Push Ups
10 Supermans
10 Push Ups
10 Supermans

50 Bicycle Crunches
40 Mountain Climbers
30 Side to Side Crunches
20 Second Plank Hold
10 Sit Ups

Happy Running
Amanda :0)

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