Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello Again 4 Miles

Well, I was off to a late start this morning (forgot to set my alarm, YIKES).. I jumped out of bed and got to my pre- run routine.. So once I hit the pavement, I was off to a little bit of a rough start.. I just couldn't get my pace up where I wanted it.. When I hit mile 2 things smoothed out and I was able to pick my pace up some.. Then, my dreaded mile 3 hit and the groove I was in on mile 2 fell apart (dang it!! why do you hate me so mile 3?!?!).. So, after a little walking and a pit stop I was able to kick things back up.. Yeah, finally mile 4 we meet again old friend it's been a while and oh how I missed you so.. Mile 4 we totally need to run into each other more often..  All and all, this was a pretty good run for me even though it had it's ups and downs..I like to think that it doesn't matter how your miles go as long as you go out there and get them done..

My Run:
4.26 miles in 44:51

Happy Running
Amanda :0)

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  1. Love it!... Great insight on your personal views. This is a great idea and think I will be doing the same. Keep it going!