Monday, February 18, 2013

Ooops, I'm runing behind again!!!

Well, where in the world did last week go?!? I know I'm a week behind, but I got super busy with Valentine's stuff and training runs{I know, I know excuses excuses}.. Well, I'm going to do a quick wrap up of Week 5 training and then get right to Week 6 training..

Week 5:

Monday-4.04 miles in 37:04

Wednesday- 4.04 miles in 38:06

Saturday- 5.02 miles in 45:47 {I ran in the Frigid 5 race on this day.. I did a 1 mile warm up before the race which was a first for me.. This was a tough 5 miler ( not my favorite racing courses) but my pace was pretty good. Plus, I had my hubby take me to my favorite breakfast spot after the race..} 
Here's a few pics:
 I didn't get a pic with the adorable penguin mascot like I wanted..
 I did get a cool pull over shirt with a cute penguin image on it..

I love Kamps 1910 Cafe'.. They have the best oatmeal & toasted coconut cream latte'..

Well, week 5 wasn't my best training week.. I actually missed a training run and skipped my cross training.. I'm not go to be to hard on myself, because life gets in the way sometimes.. All you can do is try harder the next week..  So with that being said, now lets get right into week 6..

Week 6:

Monday: 4:14 miles in 40:28min. (This was a nice and easy run..It was a little chilly out but not to bad once my heaters got warmed up.)

Tuesday: Rest day ( no cross training.. I know I'm a bum, lol)

Wednesday: 4.59 miles in 44:36 min ( This run felt so great I was feeling sluggish on this day.. Plus, it was a Wednesday RunHers group run day and I always enjoy running with great running friends.)

Thursday: Rest Day & Valentine's Day (I have the greatest hubby and I just love him so much.. He got me the best gifts and here they are..

 Yippee, I don't have to mess with checking my distance on my phone anymore!!!
Plus, I have been trying is out on my last 2 runs of this week and I love it!!!

 Oh yes, mama has been wanting one of these!!! I will have happy feet from now on..

 Alright, I have been drooling over these for Sparky Soul headbands for a while now, 
but they are a little on the pricey side for me (I'm a thrifty shopper and don't like to send a lot of money especially on myself) .. Luckily, I have amazing hubby that spoils me..

Here's a pic of me sporting my new headband.. 
I love that is sparkly all the way around the headband 
and it doesn't slip off your head like some headbands do..

Friday: Cardio & Core Countdown workout & 7.14 miles in 1:15 hr {I tried out a new Cardio & Core Countdown workout from Coach Sara this morning.. My run was a easy but hilly one.. I had a great friend join me on the run which made it so much more fun to test out a new route for my RunHers group.. Here's the awesome workout I did...}

 Cardio & Core Countdown
10 Burpees
10 Russian Twists each side
9 Burpees
10 Push Ups
8 Burpees
10 Leg Lifts
7 Burpees
10 Spiderman Back Extensions
6 Burpees
10 Vups
5 Burpees
10 second One Leg Plank Hold
4 Burpees
10 Second Side Plank Hold with knee Crunch- Right
3 Burpees
10 Second Side Plank Hold with knee Crunch- Left
2 Burpees
10 Slow Crunches
1 Burpee
10 Bicycle Crunches

Saturday:  7.15 miles in 1:14 hr {Well, my legs are a bit tired from yesterday's 7 miler but it felt good to get another 7 miles under my belt.. Plus, I got to run with the all the fabulous RunHers ladies and that always makes for a great run..

Sunday: Rest day 

Phewww, sorry for the lengthy post, but I'm so glad to be caught up on my training.. Plus, I'm looking forward to a great Week 7 (hope it's a great one), and I can't wait to share it with all of you later.. Until I return I would love to hear from you..

Did you get any running related gifts on Valentines day?
What do you do when you have a bad training week?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Late Week 4 Wrap Up

Okay, I know I'm a running a little late on posting my week 4 wrap up... This was a really good training week for me.. I didn't log in as many miles as I did last week but I did do some cross training ( don't faint, I know it's hard to believe I did cross training,lol).. Oh, I also wanted to clarify what I mean when I say I ran with out my runmeter.. I turn my runmeter on but I don't listen to it.. I keep it in my spi belt while I run and I just check it to see my distance. I really thought running with out it would slow my pace but it hasn't at all.. I listen to my body more and on some of my runs my pace is even fast then my average.. I hope that made sense.. So, here's the wrap up.....

Monday- 3.05mile at 28:11 min.  (This was a tough 3 after running 8 the day before, but I wanted to get back on track with my training plan this week.. It was super windy this day but I didn't have to dress in layers which was awesome!!)

Tuesday-CROSS TRAINING, Yipppee!!!( I got up early this morning and did a 20 min. Ab workout.. Then, later that evening I got eager to hit up the gym.. So, I did 20 min. on the stationary bike and 20 min. upper/lower back workout..Plus, I was so excited to have a reason to wear my new Old Navy bubble tank, lol..)
{Don't look at my crazy post gym hair, lol}

Wednesday- 3.02 at 27:43 min. (1 mile of Fartleks/ Speedwork.. My legs were a little tired from my cross training, but this was a pretty awesome run.. Plus, I had my RunHers friends to keep me motivated..)

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- 6:03 at 1:00:29 min.(I'm so pumped about this run I ran my farthest distance alone and completely unplugged {no music or runmeter}, woo hoo!! This was a hilly run but it felt good to rock those hills..) Here's a fun sock photo op for you, lol..
{How cute are these pirate cuties!!! I bought them from Amazon..}
Saturday- 6.07 miles at 1:00:36 min. (I ran the same hilly run as Friday but this time I got to meet up with my RunHers group which always makes for a fun run. My legs were pretty tired but this was a good run..) 
Here's a few pics for the day...
 {Here's one of the killer hills I ran.}

 {Another fun sock photo op!! I love my fun socks(in case you didn't know, lol).. }

Sunday- Rest Day (Much Needed)

Now that week 4 is behind me now week 5 is shaping up pretty good so far..
I can't wait to tell you about it later and until then I would love to here from you ;0)

Have you done any hill or speed work lately?
What would you rather buy running clothes or regular clothes?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Good Bye January!!

Woo hoo, it's Feb. 1st and I am so glad that I have put a month of training behind me!!! January was a great month and I hope for the same for February with a few extra miles added to my monthly total of course..  So, here are my totals for the month..

Miles {65}
Workouts {6}

I don't think I did to bad, but looking forward to a new month with new goals.. I also wanted to share a great article of stretches beneficial for runners from RunHers Coach Sara.. Just click on the link below..

I hope you all are having a great week and I will be back to share my week 4 wrap up .. 

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)