Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Tough Running Week

Well, it's been a rough week for me.. I've had to change my running schedule from mornings to evenings and it hasn't been smooth sailing to say the least.. By Wednesday I only averaged 3 terrible miles.. Then, I finally caught a break on Thursday when I got 3 1/2 miles in thanks to my running friend who motivated me to go for a run with her (I am so glad  I ran.. I really need too and it's always awesome to the support of a great friend).. 
Finally today, I got to have a morning run (YEAH!!! oh how I missed you morning run..) and it was an amazing run... Mile 1 was touch and go my negative self was already in my ear saying "Oh, your not even going to get 2 miles in, it's too hot, your legs are sore, and so on".. Well, I didn't let my negativity get to me and when I hit mile 2 thing eased up a bet (thank goodness).. Then, my dreaded mile 3 decided to take it easy on me today ( Woo Hoo, thanks mile 3!!) and I was finally finding my groove.. Next, I got to say hello to my old friend mile 4 again (it's always nice to see you mile 4) and my negative self stopped back by to try to drag me down again (saying "your feet are hurting, man, it's getting even hotter out here, you got 4 miles in you can totally call it good, and so on).. But, I kept pushing past my negativity and I'm so glad I did because I hit 5 miles for the first time... I'm so proud of myself for not standing in my own way and reaching a new goal... I hope to get a new schedule going this next week and I hope my runs will keep getting better :0)

My Run
5.04 mile in 55:28

Happy Running
Amanda :0)


  1. Congrats on your 5 mile run! I am a "crafty" Runner too! Currently in training for the Tough Mudder 2013! :)