Monday, January 18, 2016

Off Track but Keeping It Together

Okay runners, it's week 2 of my training and that means I have another training week under my belt  {even if it wasn't the greatest}.  My whole house came down with my stomach bug {not a fun time at all}. So, my training had to take a back seat to taking care of my family such I wouldn't have it another way.. Once I got everyone well I have really struggled with motivation. It was been so hard to get out the door {I could think of a hundred reasons not to go}. The one thing that has really helped me is listening to music especially since I have been running solo lately. I'm usually an unplugged to music runner. I broke myself from listening to music about 2 years ago and it has really helped me be more aware of my body/surrounding. In case you don't know what unplugged means it's when you run with no music/ headphone or it can mean you run without electronics tracking your run. As the week has come to an end I am looking forward to a more productive week 3. I'm also looking forward to the Volleyball season starting at work{I think it will be great cross training for me}.

Look at these pitiful kiddos.

Training Week 2


3 mile run { No Butt Challenge! I'm a slacker, lol)



2 mile tempo run and Butt Challenge {35 squats/20 bridges/25 lunges}

 Butt Challenge {40 squats/20 bridges/30 lunges}

6.2 (10 K) mile run, ab workout (15 min),
 and Butt Challenge {40 squats/25 bridges/30 lunges}

{Here's a look at my training plan.}

How is your running going?
What do you do for cross training?

Happy crafty running,
Amanda :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another Half and Many Miles To Go

Hey running friend, hope your having a happy Runday. Well, I have signed up for my first Half of the year and I'm into the second week of my training.The race I'm running is a women only Half and it's called the Go Girl Half Marathon. I ran this race last year and it was an amazing event. The  medal I received is the biggest medal I have received so far. Plus, you get a great wine glass full of a super yummy green smoothly when you cross the finish. Just click HERE to check this race out. 

So, here is how my training has gone so far.

Training Week 1:

1 mile run, ab workout (15 min.), Butt Challenge {25 squats/10 bridges/15 lunges}

3 mile run and Butt Challenge {30 squats/10 bridges/20 lunges}

1 mile run and Butt Challenge {30 squats/15 bridges/20 lunges}

2 mile run and Butt Challenge {35 squats/15 bridges/20 lunges}



5 mile run and Butt Challenge {35 squats/20 bridges/25 lunges}

Weekly Total:
12 miles

Summery of my week:
This training week had it up and downs. I started the new year with a move 1 mile for 40 day challenge and a 30 day butt challenge. All was good until the 8th day of my challenges I came down with a terrible 24hr stomach bug (so I was down for 2 days, blah). So, I tried to kick things back off again on Sunday and got in a much needed long run{5 miles}, ab workout, and day 8 of my butt challenge. Now, week one is in the books and ready to start week 2.

Have you signed up for any races?
Are you trying a new challenge?

Running Wishes
Amanda :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Bye 2015 and Hello to Running 2016

Hello everyone in blog land!! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start. So, let me start with a quick recap of my 2015. I really struggled in 2015 trying to fine a good balance between family, working full time, and running. Here are a few of my accomplishments of the year.

5K (1) Brookhaven
Relay(1) OKC Marathon {very first relay}
Half Marathons(3) Go Girl Half, Showdown Half, and Tinker Air force Half

Oh, best of all I qualified and became a Half Fanatic, YIPPEEE!!!! {because I am defiantly a half crazy kind of girl, lol}

So, lets move on to 2016 shall we! I have a the following goals I would like to obtain this year.

1. Find some balance between working, family, and running
 {Oh, I can't forget not to the long breaks from running between training season} . 

2. Cross Train, Cross Train, Cross Train!! 
{maybe if I say it 3 times I will stick to it. I girl can hope,lol.}

3. Stay injury free {fingers crossed}

4. Cut back on some social media 
{reconnect with my family and myself}

5.Be better at documenting my running journey 
{ I won't lie this one will be one of the hardest for me}.

Alright , those are my goals and know it's time to get to work!!

How was your 2015??
Do you have any running/other goals for 2016?

Running wishes
Amanda :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

4 Weeks In

Well, time has slipped away (or should I say 4 weeks have,lol)from me once again. So, let get you caught up real quick. I am current training for a Half Marathon (The Showdown Half). The race will be in Fairview, TX on October 10th. This is will be my 7th half and I still have no desire to do a full at this time,lol.

So, WEEK 1 
 I am just trying to fall back into a groove especially after my whole running shoe ordeal (You can read all about that Here). I have struggled a bit this first week and I feel like I'm starting out like a newbie runner again. I guess that's what happens when you don't keep up my maintenance runs for 3 months. So, since I feel like I am starting over again I thought it would be best to get back to basics with a beginner runner training plan ( with a goal to incorporate some cross training which is my weakness.). So, all and all it was a a pretty good week.

 I have a bad habit of  talking negatively to myself and it gets the best of me on some of my runs.  For most  my runs this week "Mile 2" has been a road block for me and I just can't get myself to push past it. On the plus side I did get a group run in with some of my sole sisters having that added motivation always helps. Then,I finished up my week with a 6 mile run date with my hubby and I was so lucky to have him with me to give me that extra push I needed to hit 3 miles without stopping. Well, this week was real challenging at times but defiantly had some great moments too .

My motivation was defiantly in short supply this week and the negative talk monster is still lurking in my shadows. I really had to tell myself that as long as I was getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other i'm making progress. I have really been getting down on myself when I struggle on  routes that I have ran effortlessly(or I just seen to remember them being so much easier) several times in the 3+ years I've been running. As a runner you are your greatest competition and you always strive to to be better then you have been and when you fall short of your personal best it can be very disheartening. This was a real tough week, ended with a few tears, and some much needed yoga.

WEEK 4(Finally!!!)
So, I started back to work this week which throws some extra weight on my already wobbly schedule, but I will find my balance. I went out this week determined to find my running groove. So, in order to do that I decided to unplug a bit. Running technology is awesome but I have become a addicted to it. So, I link up my GPS watch but turn the screen to the normal clock so I'm not stressing over what my numbers are. I'm listening to what my body is telling me and this has really helped me keep running.  Well, week 4 has been my best week so far and I'm looking forward to week 5.
(This is a pic of the gorgeous scenery from my long run)

Do you have a road block you're trying to conquer?
How is your running going? 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Running!
Amanda :) 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Best Shoe Forward

Wow, it has been almost a year since my last post {where does the time go?}. Well, a few things have changed since I last posted. I have started back to work and I just got the great news that I got a permanent position this year!! Although, I am thrilled to be working again I am still struggling with finding that perfect balance between family time, Running (me time), and working. If anyone has so suggestions I am all ears. Another thing new is I have ran 3 races since my last post (2 halves and a relay). I can officially mark a women only half (which was an awesome race by the way) and a relay (it was fun but I won't be doing one again any time soon.  I'm definitely a half marathon kind of girl) off my running bucket list.

So, now that I have caught you up a bit lets talk about what's going on now. I have just started a new  10 week training season for my 7th half marathon (The Showdown).  I have really slacked off  of running since May and it's been so tough for me to find my groove again. I started this new season putting my best foot forward by getting a new pair of shoes. Now the last few pairs I have ran in have been Mizuno's wave riders(which I have loved!). So, I went to the running store, asked for a pair of  Wave Riders, and out the door I went (with a super cute purple pair). Excited to take them for a run I  laced them up and hit the street with some of my sole sisters. Two miles into my run it felt like fabric was balled up under my forefoot (only one side) and by my third mile I was hurting (and a tad bet upset). So, I took them for another run just to make sure but no luck same happened again.

Well, back to the running shoe store I went with the super cute purple shoes in tow (sniff,sniff). I told the employee my issue and he assessed the shoe. He then told me the shoe I had was to big (WHAT, I always wear a 8 1/2! Are my feet shrinking?! He reassured me that sometimes shoes will run big. Phew, I was beginning to panic a bit.) and so he sent me off with a smaller pair of Wave Riders (an adorable teal pair). Now, I was optimistic and ready to pound some pavement with my new kicks. Well, my first mile was good and them the second mile hit and my worst fear happened that same balled up fabric feeling under both feet this time(grrrrr! REALLY!). Can this really be happening!! All I want to do is run and not have my feet hurt. So, I gave my shoes one last try but no luck.

 I really didn't want to go back to the running store. I have never had shoe issues before and reluctantly I took myself back to the store (with the help of my hubby reminding me that I can't start a training season with shoes that hurt my feet). So,I explained the situation to the girl helping me and she pulled out a few different brands of shoes out for me. I ended up skipping over my Mizunos (I will miss you so.) and decided to go with the Brook's Ravennas (one of the shoes I ran in before I fell in love with my Mizunos). Well, after a few runs in my Brooks with no major issues I am so happy to report that I think I found the right shoes for me. Now, it's time to get my run on :)

What's on your running bucket list?
Do you ever had a go to brand of shoe?
What shoe issues have you had?

When in doubt RUN it out!
Amanda :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Low Miles, a Little Cross Training, and Everything in Between

Well, another training week has came and gone (it has been by far my worst week of training). Thing just didn't fall were I wanted them to this week and partly do to  my lack of motivations( the other part medical). I did start the week out optimistic and then it just quickly unraveled (short story I just let things get in my way). I know these types of weeks are going to happen from time to time but I must confess my inner Negative Nancy has surely gotten the best of me this week. "This next will be a better one and I'm going to get the miles in ," I have to keep telling myself this when I get down on myself. Now, I just have to stop wishing for it to happen and start working for it.

Here,  a little look at how my week went.

I got a great 4 miler in with one my best sole sisters. It's always an awesome time when we get to run together.

Doctors appointment and Story/Library time with my kiddos

I tried out this awesome medicine ball interval workout and
 it had me working up a sweat super quick. Here's the link if you would like to
check it out { Medicine Ball Workout }

I had planned on running with a friend but it got cancelled..
 So, I just couldn't motivate myself to get out there and run (epic fail on my part!).

I had another Doctors appointment were they did an Echo done and got  hooked up to
this bad boy for 48hrs (So, there went my weekend long run!). It was also back to school 
night for my kiddos and I got to meet their teachers

Since my long run was out of the equation I just hung out with my kiddos and then that evening we all went ice skating for the first time. I think we will be spending a lot of time at the rink from know on. It was a great workout and the kid had a blast (aren't those little walkers the cutest). 

No Run or Cross Training 
(just couldn't make myself get out the door) 
I did work on this blog post and watched my kiddos play n the pool :0)

Well, in the words of Porky Pig "That's all Folks!" for this last week anyways, lol.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post.

So, what kind of cross training have you been doing?
Have you ever had a really bad training week? 

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Tough and Busy 2 Weeks

Okay, I know it's been 2 weeks since the last time I posted and  I'm already falling behind on keeping my blog updated. Please be patient with me it's been a crazy busy and tough 2 weeks but hopefully things will settle down now some at least. 

So, let me start with the tough stuff first. Last week I went to the cardiologist to just get checked out since I have been having some heart flutters since about February. So, now I am waiting on further testing and result to see what is going on with me.. They are thinking I have a dual electric system in my heart (a normal heart only has one electric system and they think mine may have an extra one) and that's what is causing my flutters. The doc did say I have been cleared to run (for now :0/ ) since the flutters only happen when I'm resting. Well, I have been taking it easy on my runs but my long run have me struggling because I'm over thinking everything I'm feeling (I hate not knowing exactly whats going on with me.). It has me really down that my training season is already off to a bad start but I know my health is an important part of me even being able to run so I need to take care of myself..   

Well, here's a few pics of some of the thing I've been up to the past to weeks...

Got to run the streets in downtown OKC with my love.  My pace wasn't where I wanted it to be but it was a lot of fun to explore the downtown on foot. Plus,I found I really cool library I want to take the kiddos to now..

 My hubby spotted this awesome saying on our downtown run
 and I had to get my picture taken with it
(I couldn't help my self I just had to photo shop it) .

 Now, this is my idea of a post long run meal (yum!).
 "Breakfast of Champions!"

 I got to take my little man on a little rundate. 
It's so much fun to run with him.
So, who said runners have to have ugly toe nails?
I thought mine turned out cute for an at home pedicure, lol. 

Oh ya, I didn't take a picture of my long run this past week. I had a really bad run and was not happy with  myself at all.. I feel like I have been in a slump these past 2 weeks and I can't get out of it. I know I should be proud that I got out there and put the miles in the bank (it's just hard for me to get down on myself. Honestly, I'm  a" Negative Nancy" because I'm really bad about negatively talking to myself.). Oh, I've been slacking on my cross training too. I have a hard time making cross training a priority but I need too.

So, how is your training or running going?

So, are you a "Negative Nancy" when you are having a tough run or are you someone that looks on the bright side?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)