Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K

Well,  this last weekend I ran in the Color Me Rad 5K here in Oklahoma City..  The race started with 5 minute waves  and wasn't a timed event.. They had color stations throughout the race were you got pelleted with color.. I have to say this race was a Color Blast of fun (but I did have some difficult moments through out the run.. More about that in a second) .. My awesome hubby ran with me and he really inspires me to keep pushing myself..  So, here's a pre-race pic of me..

I was totally digging the fun 80's vibe of this race..

Here's my hubby and I before the race kicked off..
They photography at the race was able to capture this amazing pic of us running..

This is me standing in front of what they call at the race a color bomb..
It really looked cool to see all the color in the air..

This is my running buddy Cyndi and I.. We had to take our picture together at home
because we couldn't find each other in the crazy, fun color blast of the Color Me RAD race..

Finally, here's our after pic and I can't wait to do this RAD race next year :0)

A little about my run...
,I started off great which surprised me since I always have issues with running at a new place... Then, about a mile in several factors can into play I had to shuffle around people who where walking (making running a little frustrating having to change my pace so much), it was hot, hot, hot with no shaded areas( I was not conditioned to run in the heat I usually run in the early morning.. Mental note condition before a race), there was a big hill I wasn't expecting, and finally, I really just let myself get to me ( you really are your own worst enemy).. So, I didn't run this race in the time I would have liked too (I think I could have done so much more better then I did, and disappointed in myself for not pushing through my negative thinking), but I'm proud of myself for trying ..  I will do better next year for sure..

Happy Running
Amanda :0)

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