Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wrapping Up 2 Weeks!!

Well, I know it's been 2 weeks (oh my, where did the time go!!) since I last posted on here.. So, I can't express in woulds how I feel about Week 9 of training but since pictures are worth a thousand word here's sneak peek of how Week 9 is going so far..

( This is Miss Tootsie Roll and I snagged this pic of her this morning, lol.. 
I am totally feeling this way this week do to my knee injury :0/ )

Well, I will share with you how the week shapes up or down later.. So, I know I just want to share a quick highlight  of how Week 7 and 8 went for me..

Week 7

Miles ran this week- 16.54
Photo ops of this week

 ( Yippee, post run stuffed frittat!!! I love my Norman runs because 
my motivation to run is the yummy post run meal after, lol.. What ever works right? ) 

(I have really been crazy over the color purple lately.. I got the new BROOKS Ravenna 4 
and I love them {my sweet hubby spoils me and I'm okay with that, lol}!!! I say this fun painting 
on the sidewalk outside Syrup. and I totally had to show off my new shoes/socks next to it.. )

(My kiddos had a kid training run this week and I love that I was able to capture them in running action..
It is so stink'in cute that they want to be runners like mom and dad..)

Week 8
Miles ran this week- 19.12
Photo ops of the week

(A gorgeous Saturday morning sunrise!! It was cold this day butthe view was
breath taking {or maybe it was the Oklahoma wind taking my breath away, lol.}.
Either way, it was a beautiful morning.)

(Check out those shades,lol.. This is my hubby and I at the Glow Run 5K..
 This was such a fun race..)

(Here's a pic of the start.. This race has been on my bucket list and
I am so glade they finally came to OKC..)

(How cool is this medal!! It Glows In The Dark!!!!)

Viewer question answered:

Carri~Abusybee -So I have to ask about your Garmin! My Husband wanted to get me one and I told him no because I just track with my phone, what are the pros to this watch? Do you not carry your phone anymore? I am so on the fence about it! 

Well, I was just like you and told my hubby I didn't want to spend the extra money on the Garmin, because I just track my runs on my phone.. Yet, since I started running unplugged I found myself fumbling a lot with my phone to see how far I've gone (because I carry my phone in my spi belt) and it started to be a pain.. I love having my Garmin!! It's very user friendly and makes it so much easier to keep track of my miles.. I still carry my phone in my spi belt just in case I need it..

Well, i the words of Porky Pig Th, Th, That's All Folks! For now any is
and until I return I would love to hear from you..

What is your motivation to run?
Have you or do you plan to run an races?

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)