Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting My Training Done

Well, I am 4 weeks into my training plan (Yeah!).. Last week I had a great week with 18 miles under my belt.. This week I am off to a tough start since my hubby is sick (which puts a damper on my running plans).. Well, since I missed out on my run yesterday I had to make up some miles in tonight's run.. When I first got started tonight I already was struggling with myself (I kept thinking I'm going to barely hit 4 miles) .. Yet once I hit mile 3 I found my groove and  I started thinks I can hit 5 miles..  Here lately in my runs I have really been working on trying to increase my speed each mile and finishing strong.. As for my run tonight I think I did pretty good and looking forward to tomorrows run.. 

My Run
5.03 miles in 52:42

Happy Running
Amanda :0)