Monday, August 11, 2014

A Tough and Busy 2 Weeks

Okay, I know it's been 2 weeks since the last time I posted and  I'm already falling behind on keeping my blog updated. Please be patient with me it's been a crazy busy and tough 2 weeks but hopefully things will settle down now some at least. 

So, let me start with the tough stuff first. Last week I went to the cardiologist to just get checked out since I have been having some heart flutters since about February. So, now I am waiting on further testing and result to see what is going on with me.. They are thinking I have a dual electric system in my heart (a normal heart only has one electric system and they think mine may have an extra one) and that's what is causing my flutters. The doc did say I have been cleared to run (for now :0/ ) since the flutters only happen when I'm resting. Well, I have been taking it easy on my runs but my long run have me struggling because I'm over thinking everything I'm feeling (I hate not knowing exactly whats going on with me.). It has me really down that my training season is already off to a bad start but I know my health is an important part of me even being able to run so I need to take care of myself..   

Well, here's a few pics of some of the thing I've been up to the past to weeks...

Got to run the streets in downtown OKC with my love.  My pace wasn't where I wanted it to be but it was a lot of fun to explore the downtown on foot. Plus,I found I really cool library I want to take the kiddos to now..

 My hubby spotted this awesome saying on our downtown run
 and I had to get my picture taken with it
(I couldn't help my self I just had to photo shop it) .

 Now, this is my idea of a post long run meal (yum!).
 "Breakfast of Champions!"

 I got to take my little man on a little rundate. 
It's so much fun to run with him.
So, who said runners have to have ugly toe nails?
I thought mine turned out cute for an at home pedicure, lol. 

Oh ya, I didn't take a picture of my long run this past week. I had a really bad run and was not happy with  myself at all.. I feel like I have been in a slump these past 2 weeks and I can't get out of it. I know I should be proud that I got out there and put the miles in the bank (it's just hard for me to get down on myself. Honestly, I'm  a" Negative Nancy" because I'm really bad about negatively talking to myself.). Oh, I've been slacking on my cross training too. I have a hard time making cross training a priority but I need too.

So, how is your training or running going?

So, are you a "Negative Nancy" when you are having a tough run or are you someone that looks on the bright side?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)

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  1. I'm so sorry about your heart flutters, I'll be praying for you. :) Don't make it something bigger in your head than what it probably is in reality. You'll be okay.

    I totally relate to what you said about having tough runs and being in a slump -- I've felt the same way, and since I'm just starting out, a lot of negative self talk comes into play saying that I can't do it or that I'm not good enough, and I have to fight that on almost every single run. But people like you that keep pushing in spite of the obstacles are what help keep me going, and that's why I love reading blogs like this. Keep up the fantastic work! :)