Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Bye 2015 and Hello to Running 2016

Hello everyone in blog land!! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start. So, let me start with a quick recap of my 2015. I really struggled in 2015 trying to fine a good balance between family, working full time, and running. Here are a few of my accomplishments of the year.

5K (1) Brookhaven
Relay(1) OKC Marathon {very first relay}
Half Marathons(3) Go Girl Half, Showdown Half, and Tinker Air force Half

Oh, best of all I qualified and became a Half Fanatic, YIPPEEE!!!! {because I am defiantly a half crazy kind of girl, lol}

So, lets move on to 2016 shall we! I have a the following goals I would like to obtain this year.

1. Find some balance between working, family, and running
 {Oh, I can't forget not to the long breaks from running between training season} . 

2. Cross Train, Cross Train, Cross Train!! 
{maybe if I say it 3 times I will stick to it. I girl can hope,lol.}

3. Stay injury free {fingers crossed}

4. Cut back on some social media 
{reconnect with my family and myself}

5.Be better at documenting my running journey 
{ I won't lie this one will be one of the hardest for me}.

Alright , those are my goals and know it's time to get to work!!

How was your 2015??
Do you have any running/other goals for 2016?

Running wishes
Amanda :)

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