Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 1 Wrap Up

Well, I had a super busy weekend and my week is off to a busy start too.. While, I ended my 1st training week strong I think.. I really been working on running Un-Plugged (no music).. This is really hard for me music is  my inspiration to keep running, but I have a 5 mile race coming up that doesn't allow head phones (lightly sobbing).. So, I have to condition myself for this and I'm sure it's will be better for me in the long run too(darn it).. Okay, here's how I finished my 1st week:

*30min Yoga Workout
*4.04 miles in 40:49 (I was trying a new route and there was a lot of evening traffic but had a good run)

*4.06 miles in 41:53 (Ran with my RunHers group.. We found a new post run hangout and I just love it!! Here's few pics:

 Okay, I just had to share my fun Saturday running socks..Oh, how I love fun socks!!
( Plus, I think they distract people from noticing what a hot mess I am when I run, lol)

Our new hangout is called "Syrup.".

This stuffed frittata was amazing and look at the cute little jelly jar you get w/your toast!! 
Okay, I'm drooling just a bit looking at this picture, lol..

Then, I saved the best pic for last!! My Coffee!!!! I totally run for coffee, lol.. If you look closely in the foam you can make out a tree (which is the symbol  for the OKC Memorial  Marathon).. Awesome right!?! I'm taking it as a sign the that this is going to be a great marathon training :0)

1 hr 30 min Yoga Workout
(I was suppose to rest on Sunday but I've been a putting off my cross training this week.. So, I got up early and told myself lets do this..)

  So, Goodbye Week 1 and Hello Week 2!! 
I'll be back to share my Week 2 w/ you but until then I would love to hear from you..

What do you run for??
What do you like to do for cross training??

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)


  1. Hey! Sorry you couldn't make it the scrapbook swarm today. Carrie said you were running. Which RunHers group do you run with? I am training for cowtown in Feb in TX and my 2nd time to run okcmemorial half.

  2. Sounds like your week is off to a great start! I need to look into the runhers, I always run alone! I am training for an 8K and hiking the Grand Canyon. Nice socks! Come check out my running blog I have been keeping track of my runs to make sure I stay on course!