Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little Late... Week 2 Training Wrap Up

Well, I know I am running a little behind on posting (last week was super busy) and I am going to try my best to catch up...  So, lets just jump right into how week 2 went for me..

Monday- 4.05 miles in 39:53 {hills}(This run was cold, wind, and hills kicked my butt.. But I will take a bad run over no run any day.. I also went to a Painting Class with my RunHers group.. OMG, this class was so much fun because I got to mix to of my passions crafting and running.)
Here's my work of art..

Oh, the class was at a restaurant and the waiter convinced my to try fish tacos.. They were super yummy!!! Why have I not tried this fabulous food (oh ya, I don't like fish, lol)?!?

Tuesday- Rest Day(Yes, I was a slacker this day.. It happens, lol)

Wednesday- 3.06 miles in 29:39 (1 mile of Fartleks/ Speedwork.. Oh my, this was my first time doing fartleks and they were very tough.. I thought at one point I my die or trip and fall on my face from pure exhaustion, lol.. I was very proud after I did them and I had some great running friends to encourage me to keep going..)

Thursday- 3.04 miles in 28:29 & 1 mile completely unplugged {no music/no runmeter}
(This was a tough run for me.. I had a lot of aches and pains and a bit of negative talking to myself.. Yet, I didn't let all that stop me from getting my miles in)

Friday- Ab Ripper X Workout (15min.) & Our January RunHers Meeting ( Our RunHers  meeting was fun and informational.. Couch Sara ( who's fabulous by the way) came and answered all our training questions.. I also wanted to share these  really cute running note cards w/encouraging sentiments to giveaway I made for  a door prize at our meeting.. I really wanted to keep them for myself after I finished them, because they really turned out cute, lol.) 
Here they are...

Saturday- 5.24 miles in 51:36 {Hills} (Ran with my RunHers group..It's always nice to have an encouraging group of ladies to run with you.. I am so excited that I was able to run the full 5 miles completely unplugged, YIPPPEE!!)

Sunday- REST DAY!!! 

So, Goodbye Week 2 and Hello Week 3!!
I'll be back to share my Week 2 w/ you but until then I would love to hear from you..

Do you negative talk to yourself?
Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)

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  1. WoW, what could be better than running to a craft event?? Your painting is super! And inspirational cards are super fun, gotta love that zebra print! I wouldn't say that a negative talk but I do think about the worst case scenario while I run, like I constantly think about being chased by a dog, someone jumping out of the bushes, getting hit by a car! Crazy thoughts that I cannot get out of my mind! I have started to try to ween myself off of my music and get used to hearing my heavy breathing while I run! It is tough!!