Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 1/2 Marathon Training Has Begun!!

Okay, this is a little off topic but had to share!! I love running and especially when complete strangers start talking to me about running....Honestly, I have never been a social butterfly more like a social hermit (no really) and since I have started running I have started coming out of my shell more (okay a lot for me).. I actually had a lady approach me at my son's school today asking if I was going for a run and when I replied "Yes, I am" she praised my for running.. She also told me that she had mentioned to her friend before that I was a "Real Runner" (which I don't think I'm actually a "Real Runner" just yet, but it was nice to be called one) and she told me she was wanting to start running.. How awesome is that!?! I love how running has made such a positive influence in my life and instances like today just reminds me of that..  

Alright I'll get to why I'm blogging today, now.. I have signed up for the OKC Memorial  Marathon (well 1/2 marathon to be exact), and this week I have officially started my 16 week training plan..I'm using the RunHers training plan found HERE.. With this being my 2 second 1/2 marathon I can look back and see where I need to improve in my training.. So, here they are..

Things I need to improve:
*speed work (when I figure out how to do it, lol.. Told you I'm still new to running & I'm still learning things)
*Cross Training
*Cross Training
*and did I mention Cross Training(LOL, I thought if I wrote it 3 time it would help me to remember to do it)

Okay, this is how my training has gone to far this week:

Monday- 3.05 miles in 29:37 (this was a tough run but still kept my time under 30 min..)
Tuesday- Rested (should have cross trained but did't.. Kicking myself in the butt)
Wednesday-3.36 miles in 37:47 (this was rainy and cold run but glad I didn't let the rain discourage me)
Thursday- Rested (should have cross trained but did't.. Kicking myself in the butt yet again)
Today (Friday)- Training commencing (details coming soon)

Happy Running,
Amanda :0)

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