Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Again Pavement

Well, it felt great to have the pavement under my feet tonight... I had some unexpected time off this week (Hubby sick day one, day 2 I came down sick :0/ ).. So, I have some miles to make up now, but on the bright side I am officially registered for the Route 66 1/2 Marathon (WOO HOO!!).. I really need to work on making every one of my runs count and staying strong to the end.. Tonight's run was pretty good (there were soon tough times but for the most part pretty good) and I tried a new route too.. The route I tried had some hills (Yuck!! hills are not a friend of mine but I need to do them..) and I keep trying new places to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.. So, training run #5 in done and I'm so glad I pushed myself :0)

My Run
4.05 miles in 42:39

Happy Running
Amanda :0)

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  1. Congrats on training #5! I ran against wind both ways today, how is that possible?? LOL! Hope everyone is feeling better!