Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Late Week 4 Wrap Up

Okay, I know I'm a running a little late on posting my week 4 wrap up... This was a really good training week for me.. I didn't log in as many miles as I did last week but I did do some cross training ( don't faint, I know it's hard to believe I did cross training,lol).. Oh, I also wanted to clarify what I mean when I say I ran with out my runmeter.. I turn my runmeter on but I don't listen to it.. I keep it in my spi belt while I run and I just check it to see my distance. I really thought running with out it would slow my pace but it hasn't at all.. I listen to my body more and on some of my runs my pace is even fast then my average.. I hope that made sense.. So, here's the wrap up.....

Monday- 3.05mile at 28:11 min.  (This was a tough 3 after running 8 the day before, but I wanted to get back on track with my training plan this week.. It was super windy this day but I didn't have to dress in layers which was awesome!!)

Tuesday-CROSS TRAINING, Yipppee!!!( I got up early this morning and did a 20 min. Ab workout.. Then, later that evening I got eager to hit up the gym.. So, I did 20 min. on the stationary bike and 20 min. upper/lower back workout..Plus, I was so excited to have a reason to wear my new Old Navy bubble tank, lol..)
{Don't look at my crazy post gym hair, lol}

Wednesday- 3.02 at 27:43 min. (1 mile of Fartleks/ Speedwork.. My legs were a little tired from my cross training, but this was a pretty awesome run.. Plus, I had my RunHers friends to keep me motivated..)

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- 6:03 at 1:00:29 min.(I'm so pumped about this run I ran my farthest distance alone and completely unplugged {no music or runmeter}, woo hoo!! This was a hilly run but it felt good to rock those hills..) Here's a fun sock photo op for you, lol..
{How cute are these pirate cuties!!! I bought them from Amazon..}
Saturday- 6.07 miles at 1:00:36 min. (I ran the same hilly run as Friday but this time I got to meet up with my RunHers group which always makes for a fun run. My legs were pretty tired but this was a good run..) 
Here's a few pics for the day...
 {Here's one of the killer hills I ran.}

 {Another fun sock photo op!! I love my fun socks(in case you didn't know, lol).. }

Sunday- Rest Day (Much Needed)

Now that week 4 is behind me now week 5 is shaping up pretty good so far..
I can't wait to tell you about it later and until then I would love to here from you ;0)

Have you done any hill or speed work lately?
What would you rather buy running clothes or regular clothes?

Happy Running,

Amanda :0)


  1. Looking good Girl!! You logged some major miles and nice work on the cross training! This is the last week my daughter has Cross Country so I hope to increase my mileage with some time being freed up.
    Your socks are fun! I only wear no shows! I have never tried wearing tall fun ones. I would buy work out clothes any day over regular, I would wear them to work if I was allowed!
    Good Luck with this weeks training!

  2. Great wrap up! I was very happy to be a part of some of your training runs!! Love the pirate socks!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to this weeks runs with you!! Oh and I would much rather but running clothes!!! :)